Evento Media

Creative digital branding design agency.

We create products that make people happy.

What started as a tiny team mostly dedicated to design has grown to be a creative agency with a diverse skillset.

Let’s keep it simple.

We want to create awesome and inspiring work, aligning creative strategy with exceptional results.

Andrej Dimitrov

Account Director

Paul O’Brien

Creative Director

Victoria Floyd

Lead Developer

Joseph Bridges

Experience Creator

What makes us different.

We help companies grow in an ever-changing digital world.

Creative Design

We don't just make websites, we are a laboratory for creative design and digital experiences.

Collaborative Approach

We love working together with clients, partners and each other. As a team, with a common goal.

Strong Individuals

Above all, we are individuals. With our own talents, ambitions and visions. We challenge the status quo. This is how we add value.

100% Responsive

Responsive design allows your website to adapt to the device your users are viewing it on.

Support 24/7

Our dedicated support team can help you with any questions or problems you have with our services and products.


Craftsmen are a special breed. They combine several qualities which make them skilled individuals. Determination, passion, skills and a lot of experience.

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